Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Church, Two Locations, Three Venues

OH YEAH BABY!!!! Our Goshen Campus launched their 2nd venue on Sunday...that means they have 2 services happening at the same not an overflow is 2 separate services...two praise bands, but ONE speaker...Jim was live in one room and projected in the other. The new space is cool! So, on Sunday when we started our service at Movies 14, we had 3 services happening at the same time...2 in Goshen and 1 in South Bend!! I LOVE IT! We didn't build a bigger auditorium...we just added another really cool space that also can be used all week long! Just another way to reach people with the gospel...the new room is were 40 decisions for Christ on Sunday! YES! YES! YES! Finding ways...creative ways to reach people!

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Bryan Nelson said...

Exciting times at your church Tim! So great to hear how God's kingdom expands through believers who simply follow what He wants. You guys GO!