Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Interesting Experience...

Kelsey and I went to the the famous Ruth Chris Steakhouse tonight. We were given a gift certificate at Christmas...If you have never heard of it, I'll just say that one steak was $38 and that was mid-range...The place is beautiful...dark wood...the service is amazing... friendly... professional...very polished...the food was well...WOW!!!! I can still taste the amazing flavors in my mouth right now...a couple hours later. BEST PART: The woman I was with is just BEAUTIFUL! MAN I LOVE THAT WOMAN! So glad she said yes all of those years ago...

A couple of other impressions of the night:

-The server had our table, another table and a group of at least 12 and I never felt like she was rushed...or didn't take care of us...tipped her well!

-We were offered a 2nd platter of broccoli because they thought our first one looked small...WHAT KIND OF PLACE DOES THAT!

-The portions were HUGE...I AM STUFFED!

-The table of 12 people was OBNOXIOUS! Very loud...more like Hacienda or Logan's...Have to say that this is NOT the atmosphere we were looking for...It was hard to hear each other talk...I expect that at Logan's not Ruth Chris...

-Did I mention how great the steak was!?!?!?!?!?! OH BABY!

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