Monday, April 28, 2008

Progressive Dinner...I mean Church!

Ever been to a progressive dinner? Our neighborhood has done a one house we had appetizers...another the main course...another dessert...Well we sort of did that at our services on Sunday. As a video venue our church relies A LOT on technology. On Sunday, just minutes before the service our video projector would not come on! So, that means no words during the songs AND NO MESSAGE 'CAUSE WE SHOW THE MESSAGE ON VIDEO! So, like any good portable church we went through the worship songs and announcements with Jerimae (our worship guy) prodding us with the words AND THEN just like a progressive dinner, we went to another room for the message...we moved everyone out of the theater to the kids theater down the hall and watched the video! What flexibility our people had...the message was AWESOME and it needed to be heard on Sunday! The kids were flexible, our kids workers were flexible and our adults were flexible! GREAT JOB CHURCH! When something out of our control happens it creates some of the best memories!

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