Tuesday, April 29, 2008

J-Dawgs career starts tonight

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my boy J-Dawg (Jaden...yes I have nicknames for all my kids!) baseball career starts tonight. After two years of Parks Department t-ball, he has moved up to Southside Little League t-ball. Can't wait to see him running the bases tonight! Should be fun...

I should also mention that my 2 soccer teams were the only teams practicing out in the rain last night! That is the best soccer weather...rain...mud...and, well, maybe just a little cold...I think I had as much fun as some of the kids. We had 3 of 8 girls come and 5 of 6 boys! The little dudes ran around for 45 minutes and didn't stop...muddy hands...some muddy clothes...it was GREAT! We had the whole place to ourselves...probably because no one else was crazy enough to practice...I'll confess that even with freezing cold hands and wet clothes, I would do it again tonight!!

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