Wednesday, April 2, 2008

God works through kids!

Tonight I came back from running 3 miles and my daughter walks up to me with a handful of cash. She says: "Dad, this is for your trip." Chloe knows that in May I will be heading to Asia to pass out Bibles to people who don't have the Word. She has been saving her $ to buy a Webkinz or something else...the money she gave will buy 9 Bibles!

BUT THAT ISN'T ALL...Jaden comes to me with $5 of his own money...he wanted to give too! They brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud that they get it...Those two love Jesus and want to obey Him...I pray that the Bibles that are purchased will land in the hand of a person in Asia who needs Jesus...someday, Chloe and Jaden will be able to meet those people in Heaven...WOW, imagine that...

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Anonymous said...

You have some amazing kids! What a blessing for you and Kelsey...and what a testamony to your parenting! Kids can sure put things in perspective for adults sometimes! They have such giving hearts! Be proud of your little ones and keep up the good work!
love to all,