Friday, April 11, 2008


Experience God...Experience communion...Experience emotions-tastes-smells-tears...Experience the Spirit of THE LIVING GOD...Oh...we are to experience God...not just learn about him-not just talk about him, but experience him...enjoy to him...cry out to him. Are you with me?!?! I want so much more than to just know of God...I want to know know him in spirit and in truth.

I CANNOT WAIT for Sunday night...we are going to have a communion service that I want to call "The Experience." A chance to experience God in many different eating together, in washing each others feet, in confession, in praise, in crying out to God to move in our friends-coworkers-classmates-families-even our enemies take the bread and the cup and remember...remember what Jesus did for experience laying the stuff we do wrong, the things that weigh us down, our city, our country, our lost friends and the things we are thankful for before the cross. Then, passionately crying out to God with our worship...I CANNOT WAIT for Sunday night...It will be an experience of meeting with God..."Oh God meet us there...we need you!"

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