Saturday, April 19, 2008

First soccer games of the season...

Today kicked off the soccer season for both Chloe and Jaden...although we don't officially keep score the boys and girls sure know if they won or lost! Very interesting that the adults say "the score doesn't matter" yet the kids really care about if they win or not.

Chloe played the best she has ever played today! They didn't win, but she really hustled and went after the ball. She played goalie well too...Best part...she is competitive! She was not happy that we shows that she shows that she wants to see positive results from her work. So, we got to talk about how to deal with defeat...good teachable moment.

Jaden's team is very talented...they really play hard and are quick. There were even a few passes! Fun to watch...Jaden score at least 2 goals and hustles all the time...

What a fun morning!

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