Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Exponental Conference '08

I am so looking forward to the Exponental Conference this year. There will be hundreds of church planters from all over the country hanging out and learning together. I can't wait. One thing I love about this conference is that they are bringing in a variety of speakers from a variety of backgrounds. There are so many different methods to planting churches and therefore reaching people for Jesus and this conference gets that. We are a multi-site church, but that is definately not for everyone! Not every guy would be able to engage a group via video...our lead pastor is amazing (don't tell him that 'cause it'll go to his head!) and he really engages people even on video...The point is...there are MANY different methods to reach people for Christ and the key is...PLANT CHURCHES for the Kingdom! (The conference is good too 'cause it's in Florida!!)

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