Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Decisions...

What do you do when you have to make major life decisions? Who is included in the discussion? Do you let someone tell you what to do? Do you copy someone else? What filter do you use?
I believe that too many people and too many leaders make decisions without the input of others. God wants to use HIS people to help each other with the tough decisions of life.

Here is the grid I use...

If it is a personal decision:
Seek the heart of God
Discuss it with my wife, close friends and mentors
Seek the heart of God in HIS leading from their input
Step out in faith with the best decision for the moment

If it is church related:
Seek the heart of God
Talk through it with our staff
Talk through things with leaders/mentors outside of our church (fresh perspective)
Seek out other churches that have wrestled with the same issue and learn from them
Depending on the type of decision I wrestle through it with my wife (GREAT perspective!)
Seek the heart of God as I wade through the input given
Step out in faith with the way God is leading

I love watching how God takes me from a point of not knowing which way to turn...then after A LOT of begging and pleading through prayer and the input of others, how he makes the path clear. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO HELP YOU MAKE THE BEST DECISIONS POSSIBLE!

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