Monday, July 6, 2009

Stud and Studdette

A month or so ago Chloe started swim team practice...she STRUGGLED the first couple of days and even had to move to a lower age division. She has steadily worked her way back up and is doing well...THEN they had the swim clubs "lap-a-thon" to raise money. Chloe figured she would swim about 20 laps in an hour. (25 yard pool) Instead she swam 78!!!! She NEVER stopped for a straight hour...78 laps! I was soooooooo proud of her...she is sooooo determined! I LOVE her spirit!

3 weeks ago Jaden wouldn't even swim across the pool...from side to side..."I just can't do it dad." Is what I kept hearing...we went on vacation and he swam like a crazy man...He had his swim lesson on Saturday (yep on the 4th of July!) and THEN YESTERDAY he swam 21 laps in a row! 21 laps...that is 5 FOOTBALL FIELDS! IT WAS AWESOME!

I can't forget Luke...he is toooooooooo funny...he deal a couple of weeks ago was shouting "help me, help me!!" while swimming...NOW he is jumping in the deep end (with floaties) like crazy!

I love the determination of my kids...they challenge me to pull the best out of myself every day!

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