Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do you do?

How do you handle disappointment? When you have certain expectations and they are not met? How do you respond to that? Do you shrivel up and go hide in a corner? Do you cry? How do you respond?

I believe that people should admit when they are disappointed and not just act like nothing happened. People want to know the truth of how you feel, BUT that disappointment SHOULD NOT defeat you! If something is happening in your life that didn't meet your expectations...FIRST admit that! Don't ignore it! THEN...take it on as an opportunity and a challenge.

Too many people either ignore disappointments in their lives and do not learn from them OR they LIVE in the disappointments of their lives and don't look for the opportunities.

SO LET'S BE REAL! Admit when we are disappointed...when our expectations weren't met and then GET TO WORK and take the challenge head on to see what OPPORTUNITIES might come of it!

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Greg said...

That is so cool. Hearing and responding to the Spirit...what a great concept.