Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Reflections

Amazing and CRAZY Sunday...The message was on "Knowing your weapons" talking about spiritual warfare...VERY GOOD message...POWERFUL! THE church needs to stand as one and say "I will commit to stand with you through the battle." That we will have each other's backs! Another key point was to remember that Satan's power is limited! He cannot read our minds...he cannot be everywhere at once...HE IS NOT GOD! Also, we need to use the weapons that we have...Prayer/Getting Dressed (Armor of God)/Angels. It was a great morning...LOVE OUR CHURCH and what God is doing in people!

The craziness came when my keys were dropped in a storm drain...AND it had our only car key that we have left on it!! 3 hours of looking...a pool workers...and ONE BIG TRUCK later we have them back! WHOA...crazy night!!

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