Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Reflections

We visited "The Summit" yesterday in Ohio...the church meets in a a satellite church of a larger campus in Canton, OH...they have about 80ish people...launched back in September...some of their launch team is heading back to the originally campus...AND yesterday was the start of a new series called "Church Exposed." A push for their campus to be fully supported...fully staffed with volunteers from their community...It all sounds soooooo familar!

I met their pastor and just LOVE what God is doing in that place! He has a HUGE heart...the people are VERY friendly...they had NO IDEA I was a pastor and I had at least 3 people come up to us and intro themselves! YES! This church gets it! There is a GREAT spirit and atmosphere about the felt a lot like home for me...I just love the theater setting...they had solid worship...we have A LOT more kids, but they have A LOT more teens/young adults. It reminded me of where we were about a year...year and 1/2 ago...God is working in that church...I could just sense it! PRAYING FOR THEM! Tough road ahead with many from the original campus heading back, but they are on the right track!! "Greater things are yet to come in that city..."

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