Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God may have laughed...

Soccer Camp started out with a BANG last night...literally! During set up we had to tear some things down because we had a storm...then while we were under the pavilion waiting for the weather to stop, it was pouring down rain AND the sun was out! I have to think that was God's way of showing us once again that he has a sense of humor! We had prayed and prayed and prayed for good weather for camp...Does God tease his people?! Because I think in a fun sort of way he was smiling up there saying..."Hey Church...remember who is in control!" The sky at that moment was light colored and didn't look like it should be raining...AND THEN, the weather was PERFECT for our camp...God did it again this year...the weather reports said thunderstorms all day, but we had perfect weather!!

THE BEST PART?!?!?! Because of the good weather we had 400 kids and 10 give their lives to Jesus!! I NEVER get tired of seeing people walk from darkness to light! NEVER!

Great God, beautiful night, FANTASTIC volunteers! "Thanks, God!"

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