Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yes...Yes...YES! What a morning! From set-up to tear the motorcycle in the auditorium to Colin cutting his toe while competing in Dad-Fest (It might be good to mention here that I won the Dad Fest competition this year...I'll say more later!) me SHOUTING LOUDER THAN I EVER HAVE during the message. (I must say...I am PASSIONATE about dad's pouring their time into their kids...GET OUT OF THE STINKIN' CHAIR...OFF THE LAPTOP...AND PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS!) It was GREAT!

The Dad Fest competitions were the best ever...I just love watching the guys compete...Men LOVE competition...we had three rounds and I happened to come on top! (NO IT WASN'T RIGGED AND I DIDN'T PRACTICE!) What made it even sweeter was in the last round we had to change a car with the tire...and then put it back on...While I was putting the tire back of the guys grabbed one of my lug nuts and took it about 20 ft away...So, after I got the first 3 on I had to run and get that one and put it on...AND I still won! But the award goes to Colin and Andre and Bill...Bill is 60 years old and comes in a tie for 3rd place...GOOD JOB O'BLENIS! Colin and I partnered up for Round Two and the parking lot wheelbarrow race...He was in flip-flops so he ran barefoot! He really ripped up his toe, BUT HE NEVER QUIT! LOVE IT!

I love seeing men pour everything into what they are doing...the guys did that today! They gave their best and in the end...that just feels good!

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