Friday, November 7, 2008

When the going gets tough...Take 2

Blogged about Dan O'Deens Top 5 places he runs to when times are tough yesterday...he suggested I post here you go. The top 5 places I run to when the going gets tough.

1. THE East Race at the St. Jo River...this is my "spot" to go and meet with God during these times. It breaks me out of my routines and forces me to think through what I'm doing and why. It's my spot to cry out to God for HIS help and guidance...lots of smiles at that spot...lots of tears...lots of fun too (we have gone down the East Race on rafts!) is my place to get a tune up so to speak or even an overhaul! And what is cool is that the city made a cement wall that perfectly fits my back...and it even has a lean to it! It was GREAT that the city did that for me!!!!

2. DIVE into the Word and Prayer...if things are tough I HAVE TO dive even deeper to God...
3. My Honey...she always gives me my own personal prophet speaking into my life.

4. Mentors and Friends...guys that have poured into my life for years...guys that are in the church here and guys that aren't...fresh perspective...

5. Fasting...taking time to stop and focus on Christ by giving something meal...whatever...and then seeking, pleading and begging God for help, for clarity, for peace...(have you noticed a pattern of prayer here?! That is in 3 of my 5!)

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