Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blown Out!

OK...I'll blog about the game today...Rusty...YEP! I'll say this...we stayed in it in the first half (we played the team that won it all last year) and then they ran away with it in the 2nd half I am excited about our potential though...Our guys fought to the end and never gave up...we need to play together more and get used to each other...should be decent by playoff time.

As for me...Grrrrrrrrrrr...I played every minute, but missed too many 10-15 ft. jumpers...had some chances, but just didn't hit them...BETTER WORK ON THE MID-RANGE JUMPER BOUCHER! AND I need to get myself in b-ball shape. Running distance is sure different than running the floor in basketball...So, we are 0-2 and looking for our first win!

Alright...I'm done...just wanted to update you!! Hey make sure you read the next post down from earlier tonight...It was more fun to write!!

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