Monday, November 10, 2008

A family thing...

I love this picture! Jaden went early with me yesterday and helped with set up for our Sunday service. He helped me fill the baptismal (otherwise known as a cattle trough!) with water. I actually left him out there to take care of it himself! Then he came and helped me unpack our kids theater and start the set up in there! I love working with my kids...last week Chloe came early and watched one of our other volunteers 3 sons-that freed him up to help with set-up. Then Luke (our 2 yr. old) helps to load the trailer about every week...just jumps right in and moves the boxes and holds the tables. IT'S GREAT! They don't even realize what they are learning! Our kids are the church of NOW and not just the church of the future! I just love serving and working with my kids...I'm so proud of them!

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