Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For...

What am I thankful for on this Thanksgiving...

-My salvation...THANK YOU JESUS
-My wife...Kelsey...I love the way she loves me...I feel blessed to have her
-My kids
-That Chloe found out who her new teacher will be BEFORE Thanksgiving!
-Our families health
-I HAVE A JOB and one that I LOVE
-Jesus said he will NEVER leave us...
-The East Race
-My parents...
-Kels' parents...
-Our families
-Friends...people who stand beside you no matter what
-The creation of fantasy football (even if my team stinks)
-LeBron James wears a Cleveland Cavs uniform
-Chloe and Jaden have given their lives to Jesus!
-I get to work with Jerimae Yoder!
-The people of our church are AWESOME!
-Grace College
-Bethel College...can't believe I'm saying that as a Grace grad, but that school has been good to our church!
-Pastor friends, who just get it...and have been through it
-lifelong friends that call at random times
-facebook...catching up with people I haven't seen in years!
-The Internet...
-Thanksgiving meal! My favorite meal of the whole year!
-Cell phones
-My neighbors...I REALLY love where we live!
-My green bullet...(my car!) even if I do HIGHLY dislike the color!
-Grace Community Church Goshen
-That my grandparents on my mom's side LOVED Jesus!
-Grandma Scofield!
-My comfortable chair!
-Worship songs
-That God listens when we talk...he hears us and cares

A lot more too...that was just about 2-3 minutes! Imagine what else there is to be thankful for that I haven't listed yet...my mind is just racing with things...

"THANK YOU JESUS for all the amazing things in my life..."

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Josh Atkins said...

I'm thankful for your contagious heart for people and sharing it with students from another state.