Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...(on Monday Afternoon!)

WOW! What a weekend...time with family...last soccer games of the team party...Judgment House...AN AMAZING Sunday morning...time with family on Sunday was full but it was good!

Judgment House was AMAZING...I had the chance to pray with several people who were either needing assurance that they were a child of God or who accepted him for the first time. IT WAS GREAT! No other place I would have rather been on Saturday night than sharing Jesus with those people.

Sunday morning was great...we wrapped up our message on "Exodus...the unexpected journey" this week. Talked about God's process...

1. The Directions
2. The Journey
3. The Breakthrough
4. The Critical Point
5. The Fresh Direction

See...God started the whole thing with Moses at Mt. Horeb (Mt. Sanai) and gave him simple directions (yea right!) Go NOW to Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go...THEN God says and know this Moses, you will be right back here on this mountain worshipping me AND the Israelites will be with you...THEN God takes them on a journey to be set free from Egypt...he breakthrough over and over again and they find themselves in chapter 18- right back on the mountain! GOD COMES THROUGH!


That is a critical point for the Israelites...see they finished God's first set of directions...they are now out of Egypt...SO NOW WHAT?!?!?!?! God gives new direction on how to live...the 10 commandments...directions on how to treat people...what festivals to have...ALL KINDS OF THINGS...God took them out of the fog of what was next and gave them new directions.

So then I sent everyone out of the auditorium...I gave each of them a set of directions to follow...things like... "turn right out of the auditorium...walk forward for a while...STOP...turn around...walk backwards for a bit and stop and write down the name of the theater you are standing in front of." It was random directions...many of which were wild goose chases. The point...if we don't have direction...clear direction we are headed toward NOTHING. THAT IS NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE...

SO apply it...

The application for us at Grace is that God has brought us through his first set of directions..."to plant a church that will love Jesus and Love People and creatively connect the community to Jesus..." The church is planted, so now what?! We are at that Critical Point...the point where we need the Fresh Direction and God has started to show us that...we see that we connect well with kids and their families, so continue to focus on them...that we have done A LOT of outreach into our community and to be sure that all that we do is hitting our target of reaching the family...that we need to amp up and Raise The Bar in our team building and small groups...if we are strong on Outreach, but do not have people that are connected well and growing together we will not be able to make a MAXIMUM impact...we need to Raise the Bar in this area. And there's a lot more...I am excited to move into the phase of our church see what God has in store for us and how he can make this work...AWESOME!

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