Wednesday, June 11, 2008


OUTSTANDING! That is all I can say about last night's soccer camp...the team coaches are doing a GREAT job talking with kids...the team of people that is walking around is doing a GREAT job connecting with families...WE had 300+ kids again last night and more kids gave their lives to Jesus! YES! YES! YES!

HIGHLIGHT: Soccer-wise...Jaden, my boy, has soccer two goals in two night and I have been there for both of them! I have only watched a few minutes of his games and got to see him score. Then I go over to see Chloe save 2 shots on goal! NICE!

HIGHLIGHT: I talked to Kim earlier in the night about her son Alex getting his at the end of the night we all came together for a special "prayer request" for all of the other drivers on the road! It did it's job in embarrassing Alex...BUT THEN...someone gave a prayer request and we prayed...then a teen brought up a request from one of his players and we prayed...then another...and was a cool moment...coming before God for the kids and their families from the camp and praying RIGHT THEN! WHAT A MOMENT! People having sensitive hearts...AWESOME...


Daron said...

Praise God, Pastor Tim. This is Pastor Daron Butler from the Wooster Grace church. I praise God for our team led by Josh Atkins. We pray he leads fully devoted followers of Christ to aid in your outreach to the community. May God give your church the stamina to conduct follow-up from these contacts. I posted a link to your comments on our outreach blog.

Tim Boucher said...

The team has been doing a GREAT job! Great to see students giving up part of their summer to serve people!