Thursday, June 26, 2008


A bike ride at sunrise, breakfast outside, hiking, swimming, more bike riding, Chloe rides her bike down a HUGE hill on a trail, playing at the playground, a bike ride in the rain, hanging out in the tent during a storm, another bike ride in the rain...and Luke fell asleep in the bike cart, Jaden falls and skins up his knee (again!), Luke runs everywhere, a rained out baseball game (STINK we didn't get to see Trent, our nephew, play), an AWESOME steak at Texas Roadhouse, the biggest raccoon I have ever seen eats our trash, my kids and their cousins swing on a vine in the woods, the mother of all storms is coming so we leave camp for my bro's house, I get drenched carrying my kids inside during that storm, Trent and Troy (nephews) help me run our stuff in from the truck in the rain, a shower and finally to bed! I love camping!! Crazy, fun, wet, and amazing memories!

If you ever want to be sure to have a storm while camping just be sure to invite us...2 years...two HUGE storms...two GREAT years of memories!!!!


Grif said...

Glad you guys are having a great vacation. Sounds like "fun" to me. My type of vacation is Days Inn with an indoor/outdoor pool.


Anonymous said...

I was searching for our kids boucher blog and came upon your blog. My husband's brother is Tim Boucher in Washington and our kids (Boucher) are in Washington State but we are in Alaska. I didn't read all your blog but great to know you are Christians. We are all as well. Anyhow-God is Awesome! Dianna & Sam Boucher-Wasilla, Alaska

Tim Boucher said...

Thanks for the comment Dianna and Sam! How fun to hear from you!! You just have to love Bouchers!!