Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Highlights

5 years ago I was teaching at LaSalle Academy and I met a young lady who was a great person and an amazing goalie. She moved and I didn't see her for a couple years, but I ran into her last year and she helped with our soccer camp. She has been coming to our services and today gave her life to Jesus...She now knows that Jesus is in charge of her life...I went down into the office after talking with her and jumped up and down and gave a "WOO-HOO!" (Even though I was losing my voice! What a GREAT opportunity!! PRAISE GOD!

Today the Wooster youth went to a gas station and served people. They gave $10 back on gas, pumped gas the gas for the people...just a simple way to show Christ's love to people in this difficult time in our economy...STINK...I didn't get my car filled up though! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!

Camp was amazing tonight...I would say it was the best night...People prayed and I was able to speak tonight...I could barely talk all day! God is good...Kids gave their lives to Jesus...imagine...we are living the book of Acts AGAIN! People are getting saved EVERY DAY!

I pray that I never get used to or become numb to seeing God work like this...It is so learning about Jesus and with GREAT soccer happening as well. I continue to pray that we connect with FAMILIES this week...What awesome people we have!

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