Thursday, June 19, 2008

God is stirring it up...

I met with Josiah and Redford today...these men have a vision to move into neighborhoods in our city and LIVE OUT their faith right where the people are! I LOVE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! They are going to fix up houses and allow college students and others to live there and then have them connect with their is good stuff...LIVING IT OUT on the frontlines...LOVE THESE GUYS! Redford and his wife Liz are so committed to this that they are moving out of their BEAUTIFUL house in Granger and going into the city...they aren't just encouraging others to do it, they are living it...AWESOME! I pray that God brings many, many, many people to himself through this...They are going to be doing a soccer camp in their neighborhood and I'M THERE...anything I can do to further the Kingdom, reach our city and help these passionate, God-lovin' guys! I'm ALL FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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