Friday, June 13, 2008

It should be hard...

Dave Griffith just walked out of our office for the last time...he and his wife Sue have been working with us over the past 4 months. They are missionaries to France and they will be missed. They have made a HUGE impact on the community, our church and me. I love them like is hard to say good-bye. Don't get me wrong...I am VERY EXCITED about what they are doing...I am excited to send them off. The reason I'm crying at my desk right now is because I won't see them as much.

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!! It should be hard to say good-bye...because that means that they have invested their lives with means that they have impacted people...they didn't just come and show up...they DOVE IN...

I pray for each of you...that if God moves you to a different neighborhood, city, job or wherever that you will be missed. That there are tears shed because you have poured yourself into people.

I love you Dave and Sue and pray that God will use you to reach MANY people for him in France!

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