Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I learned...

Things I learned about myself while camping and being on vacation...

1. I stink at making campfires!
2. I LOVE playing with my kids
3. I love my wife more today than ever before! AND I'm sooooooo glad that Kelsey keeps such a beautiful house...camping made me appreciate what she does even more...
4. I still get so intense sometimes and let STUPID things get to me...The stories are numerous on this one...LET IT GO, TIM!
5. I continue to love it when things are crazy...packing up the campsite and trying to beat the thunderstorm was fun! Crazy, but fun!
6. I continue to love creation...a highlight for me was seeing the sunrise with Chloe on Wednesday morning by the lake
7. Poison Ivy is worth it! If I had the choice of not hiking with the family or getting this again, I'd take the poison ivy!
8. I LOVE driving a truck! My neighbor, Jason, let us borrow his Dodge Ram for our vacation and it was GREAT! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
9. I still love a good bike ride in the rain and even more now with my kids with me!
10. It is so good to see old friends and family...OK...I already knew this, but seeing old high school friends and family was GREAT! Good to catch up...

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