Monday, May 19, 2008

Why do we wait?

I was thinking back on yesterday morning and this past week...why do we wait to have people baptized? Story after story in the Bible says that a person gives their life to Jesus AND THEN THEY WERE BAPTIZED...not years later...not when we have seen them come to maturity...RIGHT THEN...and WHY NOT?! When we first have our kids we want to introduce them to everyone. I think God wants the same thing...he uses baptism as a way to introduce his kids to the world..."HEY WORLD...THIS ONE BELONGS TO ME!" Cool huh?!?!

I thank God that I got to experience something yesterday that blew my mind...a real Ephesians 3: 18-20 moment...that God DID more than I could have imagined. 7 people least 3 that gave their lives to Jesus THIS WEEK...YES!

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