Monday, May 12, 2008

What a team!

As portable church you sometimes get some curveballs thrown at you...this was us yesterday...Jerimae our worship pastor was on vacation...Michele our computer tech was gone for the week...AND Colin our main man in charge of set-up got sick and couldn't make it!! YEAH BABY! So, our team has one of two choices...shrivel up and die or hit the challenge head on! OH MY...the team NAILED IT and with 15 minutes to spare!! Dave, Dave, Kyle, Travis, Jeff, Chloe & Jaden all helped with set up...Tim brought our trailer of equipment that Colin has at his house...Sharon even tried to get in the office to get us another projector, but couldn't get in! It was AMAZING! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY but amazing! The service rocked...we had 2 projectors running...a Wii set up...a live message...Moma Mania games...gave away prizes...played more videos than we ever had during the live message! WHAT A TEAM! I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo blessed to be with a group that just steps up and makes things happen. GREAT JOB! (And this is only mentioning what happened in the auditorium and not even what the team did outside the the nursery, preschool and Kidzone! WE ARE BLESSED!)

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