Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bible Reading

My Bible reading has been ROCKING MY WORLD these past couple of days...2 Corinthians 6: 15...I no longer live for me but for Jesus who died for me...Is that hard for anyone else to live out?!?!?! Is that hard for anyone else to do day after day?!?! On a blah day, when it's raining, your back hurts and your sleep is less 'cause your son has a just don't "feel" it that day...Let me challenge all of us this way...How did Jesus respond in those times? Heb. 12 says that he put his focus on the future...on the FACT that he would be sitting next to the Father one there it matter what is weighing on matter how you FEEL...get your mind to the future when you will see Jesus...I KNOW, I KNOW you don't feel like doing that either...BUT DO IT ANYWAY. Tomorrow, you'll be glad you pushed through today!

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