Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing Wii

OK...have the youth groups Wii at my house right now. Haven't returned it after Mama Mania yet...Did the "fitness" test on it last night and was rated as 61 years old! (The test was Went through training last night and this morning and now I'm rated at 28 years old! OH YEAH! A little practice and I shaved off 33 years!
Have to return the Wii today 'cause they need it for Youth Group tonight...good times bowling with the whole family on it too...Jaden beat me by 2 pins in the final of our family tourney on Mother's Day...I came back and beat Kels with the first family 200+ game THEN SHE GOES AND SCORES A 220+ GAME last night!! We had some good family times...make me want to own one!

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