Monday, May 12, 2008

Moma Mania BABY!!

NOW THAT WAS FUN!! We had a competition during our service with our moms! THEY ARE A COMPETITIVE BUNCH!!!! All moms could enter the game and had to run down to the front and toast some English Muffins...The first two that had their muffins pop up advanced to round 2...matching a basket of socks...BUT we blew a fuse with the toasters!! Isn't that perfect!?!?! Really! Moms are always adjusting their plans...SO ladies were RUNNING down the halls of Movies 14 looking for places to plug in the toasters...It was GREAT! They ended the time with 2 moms boxing on a Wii! MY WIFE WON BABY!!!! OH YEAH!!!! What a blast watching moms have was cool!
Lots of stories from yesterday...LOTS! GREAT MORNING!!

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