Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rest in Jesus...

God has a mysterious way of working things out. I was to be on my way to China on Thursday...instead I had the opportunity to give a pinhole of hope to a hurting family. A family that desperately needs God's peace. The funeral Thursday was something that I will not soon forget...hundreds of people gathered to mourn for Haley's many tears shed. My prayer is simple...I pray that each person there grabs ahold of Jesus. It seemed to me that Jesus spoke the words of Matthew 11 for this family..."come to me you who are weak and burdened and I will give you rest." I beg God to have these people come to him...he will give them the rest...may not answer all of their questions, but he will give them rest.

Imagine how different our city would be if the adults and teens that came to Haley's funeral would grab Jesus and hold on...hold on with everything they have...imagine if they would make the choice to treat each other with respect and to work through their differences..."Come on God, open hearts and eyes to you and have them take the step to come to you!"

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