Friday, January 7, 2011

This made my WEEK!

We pray every Wednesday night...every Wednesday...we seek God for people that need Jesus...for people that are struggling...we CELEBRATE what God is doing. The prayer time was GREAT! We are seeking out God...pleading with him to move. Our enemy is ACTIVE and prowling around looking to destroy some people! There were some prayers prayed that I won't soon forget.

After the meeting I was headed for home and a good friend came out...we ended up talking for 40 more minutes...and it was really good! REALLY good! (Of course...I was in my car with the heat BLARING and he was standing in the cold!) Then he said something...that along with a great prayer night just simply MADE MY WEEK! He said something like this..."I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you and ANYONE in this church and battle Satan!" There was FIRE in his eyes when he said it! Anyone who would have talked to him in that moment would KNOW...would KNOW FOR SURE that he was in the battle with them and had their back. He had spent his WHOLE DAY praying...he could sense the spiritual battles happening with people and he was on it!

There is nothing better in the world than living life with people that are on the Mission of Jesus...I cannot express how grateful I am that I get to be here and do what I do.

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