Monday, January 31, 2011


God is good. Real good.

This past week has been unbelievable! One of those weeks where God shows up in so many ways in so many people's lives. Just incredible! A man gave his life to Jesus...a couple is working through some serious stuff in their relationship, BUT THEY ARE WORKING THROUGH IT! Men were used to encourage and help a man walk through some junk in his life. Spiritual battles were fought and the victory belongs to the LORD! Fears were faced and overcome...sin was TURNED ASIDE...people are back at work...MEN ARE LEADING THEIR FAMILIES! Great victories for the Kingdom of God! I feel blessed to walk alongside of the men and women...teens...boys and girls of this church as we figure out how to best live our life for our Savior and each other!

Relentlessly pursuing God's heart! Starts with the work of prayer...Pursuing God's heart is exhausting and exhilarating !! Jump in!

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