Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The last 10 days...

This has been my longest lay-off from blogging ever! It sure has been a mom is probably wondering if I'm alive! I AM! And doing quite well!!

The past week has been a much went on last week! We had our HUGE snow storm...Clarence passed away...he was like a grandfather to me! AMAZING man of God...I had the privilege to perform his funeral...what an honor! What a man...I wish that everyone that knew him could have spent the time I did with his family...story after story after story...and 99% were EXTREMELY funny!! AND to think of his faithfulness...faithful to his God...wife (of 62 years!! If she was still alive they would have celebrated their 71st anniversary this year...71!!)...his family...his dedication to the church. His prayers for me and my family are burned in my memory...I am grateful that I had the chance to know him.

THEN...we kicked off our men's group and our couple's group. The guys are going through Genesis...AMAZING talk on creation...on whether the Bible is true...GREAT stuff! We talked for sooooo long that I wasn't sure if we would get to play Corn Hole...BUT of course we home about 10p.m. that night!!

THEN...Prayer Encounter last week...WOW! We wrestled through some marriage stuff with one of the families...they were frank...honest and willing to hear each other! They encouraged my heart as they wrestled through some things...WELL DONE!

THEN...we prayed at Prayer Encounter for 2 of the men that really need jobs...we have been praying for months about this...BOTH OF THEM received offers later in the week! VERY COOL how God came through and honored them with a job!

THEN...Sunday night...we had 5 couples there and 2 more are coming next week...IT WAS A BLAST! We shared stories of how we met our spouse and then watch the first part of "Laugh your way to a better marriage!" HILARIOUS! GREAT STUFF! We cannot hear these things enough...I have been through this 3x's now...and it hits me fresh every time! Great stuff...we can't EVER stop learning...and we must continue to grow to be better husbands and wives!

THEN...Sunday this is actually before Sunday night! BUT...Sunday morning was a celebration of 2010...we PRAISED God...we broke up in groups and talked about how God worked in our lives in 2010...very cool. I really liked the groups...think we should do that more! I enjoy getting the whole church involved in learning on Sundays...


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