Monday, January 3, 2011

Good start

Yesterday morning was an excellent way to start the year. We started our message series "Rebel"...talking about Jesus. Who he was...good and powerful stuff!


-Jesus was a revolutionary...he reached the unreachable
-He was witty!
-Compassion oozed from him!
-He had a way with words...he could TELL STORIES!
-He wasn't impressed with titles and accomplishments
-He reached the struggling people...he didn't want their $, he wanted their lives
-He was spontaneous and mobile
-Jesus was HOMELESS! He did not have a home...he was on the move.
-Are we comfortable with that? That he was homeless? Would we really respect Jesus today if we saw him living on the street? What would our view be of him then?
-He was FEARLESS! He would confront ANYONE...even demons

The final is simple but heart piercing...We have been given this gift of salvation through Jesus Christ...who is the last person that we have shared this gift with? Who have we told about Jesus? Does it bother us if we haven't shared?

I am praying for our church...praying that God would break our hearts for people who need Jesus. That we would cry over them...that we would PLEAD with God to move in them...

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