Monday, January 24, 2011


Great weekend...Great time with God...great time planning and dreaming with our team...OUTSTANDING service on Sunday!

Some Highlights...

-Dinner at the Boathouse in Warsaw Friday with our leadership team...GREAT food!
-Strange to think that my college dorm used to sit right where that restaurant is now!
-UNBELIEVABLE worship and time in the Word Friday night...The Spirit moved. I can't describe the time with words...
-Game was Fun...REALLY FUN! LOTS AND LOTS of laughter!!
-11:30 p.m. + -2 degrees + Hot Tub = AWESOME!
-Colin and I braved the weather and hung out OUTSIDE talking and relaxing in the hot crystals were forming in our hair...It was fun!
-Saturday's retreat...GREAT and challenging conversation...I am soooo grateful for the team that God has given me and this church. GREAT group of men and their wives!
-Sunday morning...WHOA! Worship was THROUGH THE ROOF GOOD! Jim's message...RIGHT ON!
-THEN...people just hung around...almost an HOUR after the service people were still there talking

The weekend was just good. Real good. Having time to listen to the voice of God and to watch God speak through people...THAT is good!

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