Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Relentlessly pursuing God's heart

The phrase "relentlessly pursuing God's heart" just wouldn't go away during our elder retreat over the weekend. That we would be known as a church that is relentlessly pursuing God...take a moment and picture what that looks like...imagine a group of people that are seeking God in that way...picture it. Dream about it...GO LIVE IT!!

I long for this in my own life and in our church...we are not perfect people...but when we give our lives to Jesus a hunger forms in our gut...a hunger to know God more...a hunger to share what he has done for us with other people...a deep desire to do whatever he asks...This can happen here...right here at Grace Community Church...of course that is a choice that each person must make, but we can do it!

So what does that look like in your personal life? What does it look like for us as a church? I look forward to seeking out AND LIVING that answer with you!

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