Monday, May 17, 2010

Stuff I'm Learning

Started reading a book "Refresh, Renew, Revive" by H.B. London Jr. GREAT book for pastors...he has several leaders writing in the book and London truly is a pastor for pastors. A couple of key thoughts from my reading today:

"No small places. No small people." The point here is that God doesn't view things in the same way that we do. He sees fruit in our lives and is not as concerned about how "big" your church is or how "powerful" you are...he wants to be in charge of YOU and HIS church!

"...Satan is an extremely intelligent enemy, and if he can't take your foot off the accelerator, he will put it down very hard for you." That is good stuff! Satan knows that some of us love to keep going, going, he encourages that! He gets us so busy that we lose sight of our source of strength and power!

Creating space in my schedule is another thing I'm learning...I have always enjoyed running from task to task...meeting to meeting...project to project...I've always been able to do it and really enjoyed it honestly! I now see that this pace took its toll on me and my body. Listen to this quote from the book I'm reading: "Stress produces a state of emergency in the body-the body is, in effect, in emergency mode. Cholesterol goes up, blood pressure rises, our heart beats faster, and your hands get colder. This accelerated wear and tear eats away at your stomach to produce ulcers, gives you high blood pressure, and even starts to clog your arteries and put you on the road toward heart disease." Before I read that today, I had already realized that the pace I have kept for about 10 years influenced my heart issues...sure the biggest issue here is genetics, BUT along with that I have not paced myself very well! HENSE building in space in my schedule...I had another friend say to me over a week ago when we talked about my schedule: "Well you control that." And he is right...I am VERY confident that with God's direction, he is going to show me the areas I need to adjust...AND he is going to open and close the right doors. So NOW is the time to rewire myself to a more healthy lifestyle!

MY SUGGESTION FOR YOU? (I'm sooooooooo glad you asked!) GET PROACTIVE WITH YOUR LIFE! How are you living? What are you eating? What is your schedule like? How does GOD want you treating the body and mind that HE has given you? Are you TRULY resting in him and allowing him to direct your life. OR are you just going full steam ahead and hoping that God is with you! We will be held accountable one day for what we did in this body and how we treated DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!

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