Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Girl!

(Chloe on her new bike!)

Today is Chloe's 10th birthday...the big double digits!! I can still remember the first moment I saw was the most amazing miracle I had ever witnessed! I was AMAZED that she was mine...and I still am. That cute little baby is growing up! She LOVES Jesus...LOVE ME!...loves playing with her friends...loves to make people happy...loves to help people...and one of my favorite characteristics: she is DETERMINED! She will work to figure anything out...she will work hard when she doesn't understand something. I am so proud of her...I'm proud of her! I CANNOT wait for what this next year holds for her...what the next 50 years hold for her! The sky is the limit for her...

I LOVE YOU CHLOE BOUCHER...with all my heart!

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