Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Reflections

Busy...Busy...Busy weekend! Between family, church, school and sports it was CRAZY AND good this weekend. I'm sure glad that every weekend isn't this busy...Stuff from the weekend...

-Great to see my parents!
-They were FREAKED OUT over a pic they saw of me on Pastor Jim's was taken is bad lighting and my posture was different as I stood next to Will (our intern) They thought they were going to find me 1/2 dead when they came out. THE RELIEF ON THEIR FACE WHEN THEY SAW ME...Priceless! I'm still alive mom and dad! Doing well! Just 25-30 lbs lighter!!
-Ran a lot last week...
-Had a picnic with my students on Friday...I'm going to miss those kids! (Cooked 40 hamburgers and millions of hot dogs...hardly ate anything!)
-Chloe swam at Notre Dame Friday and to see her Friday proud of her!
-50 METER POOL by the way...IT WAS HUGE!!
-Great elder meeting in Goshen some Father's Day plans starting to stir up!
-Jaden scored 6 goals and assisted on a couple of others at his game Saturday watching that kid compete...LOVE coaching him too!!
-Sunday morning...Great service...Yoder led us to the presence of Jesus...
-My mom said the same thing...she told me later: "Sunday morning was a taste of heaven." How cool is that! Great leadership Yoder!
-Pastor Rich spoke and closed out our "Bucket List" series...Highlights:
*"What am I focusing the best of my efforts on today...will it matter 100 years from now?"
*"What are we going to do with the time we have here on earth?"
*"Intentionally give yourself to others."
*"When Peter was called (In Acts 10), he went!"
*"God blessed Peter's obedience
*The direction of Peter's life was changed forever" when he went

POWERFUL message...I am praying that 6-8 people from our church will rise up and go to China...WHY NOT!!??

After sending my parents off to Ohio (GREAT to see them!) we went home...grabbed some naps and then the kids played in the sprinkler. Kelsey and I closed the weekend with a movie last night. "The Young Victoria" Good movie...below average ending...GREAT just being with Kels relaxing!

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