Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Felt good...

I have every Wednesday afternoon off...I teach in the a.m. and then have the afternoon with my family. My parents are coming in this weekend...I haven't seen them in a few months and it will be good to have them over here. So, this afternoon I had a few projects to take care of...I needed to pick some supplies up at Lowes...when I got there I walked to their outside section...OH THE SMELL WAS AMAZING! All of the fresh flowers...and birds were singing...I just took a deep breath...the moment was short, but it was good...relaxing...The day was already going well, but this moment just relaxed my spirit even more!

When I got home I knew that I needed to go for a run this afternoon...Two goals for this run...40 minutes of exercise (run for 35 minutes+5 minute cool-down) AND to pray...praise God and just seek have him bring names to my mind of people that need prayer. It was so good to be in his presence. (It felt good to go 4 miles in under 40 minutes...averaged about a 10 minute mile WITH 5 minutes of walking! My 5k time today was under 30, which is good for right now!) God is so the midst of the storms of the middle of our greatest successes...he is right there cheering us on...longing for us to turn to spend time with him. And it was good to spend the time with him!

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