Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She said "I do!"

Today is Kelsey and my 14th year of marriage! AMAZING how time passes...this year has been one of our most challenging years...with work and health issues it has really been a challenging year. AND with that...I have to say that it has been our best as a couple. My love for her and SOARED to new heights...God's grace is SO HUGE and overwhelming and we have seen it over and over again this year!

I wrote Kelsey a letter today...a letter expressing how I feel about her and my gratitude for her love, care, encouragement and strength over the past months especially. She is an amazing woman...I am thankful that she has taken the vows she made to me seriously. I look forward to years and years and years more together...LIVING out the stories of our lives together.

Kelsey...I love you and am so proud of the BEAUTIFUL woman you are...THANKS for saying yes 14 years ago!

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Yaugs said...

Hope it was a great anniversary for you guys.