Monday, May 10, 2010

Long break!

I'm finally back in the blogging world again! My laptop was being fixed and I hadn't posted anything since that it's been a long break from blogging!

I am amazed at how dependent I have become on cell laptop...we show our message on video most Sundays...I was thrown for a loop the past couple of weeks while I was having laptop weekly to-do email and other contacts...spreadsheets...and on and on! CRAZY how dependant I have become.

BUT...this is a new week and I'm thankful to my bud Chris for getting me back on (and maybe "in") line!! It felt good to print out my week to-do list today! Sounds funny, but that printed off sheet keeps me focused most days on what is most important to accomplish!

SO...back at it! I have a BIG stack of sticky notes on my desk that need to be gone through!!

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