Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Reflections

Thoughts from the weekend...
-sure don't recover as fast from a slumber party!
-Jaden's team played GREAT soccer on to watch
-Very proud of Michele Stafford! GRADUATION party on Saturday
-How cool that Chloe is 10 years old! She LOVES her bike!
-Didn't run Friday or Saturday, so today's 3.8 miles felt good!
-Sunday was good...this message series is GREAT!
-Patching up our relationships...are we willing to leave our hurt and bitterness at the cross? Are we?
-MAN...Joseph had amazing perspective! He brothers left him to die...then decided to sell him...AND NOW he has a chance to get them back, BUT HE DOESN'T! AMAZING GRACE!
-we need to withhold NOTHING...we must be generous
-These are EASY things to say...harder to live, BUT WE MUST LIVE THEM!
-Have you made a bucket list yet?
-Two kinds of hurts that need to be left at Jesus' feet:
1. the hurts we have done to others...confess and be forgiven!
2. The hurts that others have done to us...forgive and be free!
-Great message!

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