Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to reflect...

We have ministerium today...a big word that means pastors from our church's district get together and encourage each other. So, after my class at Grace College last night I stayed in Winona Lake instead of going home. Class got out at 9:20 so it just made sense to stay down here. CE National has a house called the Philemon Center...a nice place to get away and focus on God...It is walking distance from where I teach at Grace College...MAN...what a night! Spent an hour in the hot tub, in the dark, just relaxing and praying...seeking the heart of God. I needed that...need to get my wife down here...she needs that time too.

Jay Bell came and spoke to my class last night...what passion and heart. He spoke on spiritual warfare. I'm so glad that I am involved with a church that talks about spiritual warfare...we know it is there and talk about it often. I will amp up my prayer life after listening to Jay yesterday...here are some highlights....

-We are at war! It's a spiritual war.
-Our battle is not against our parents, spouse, kids, boss, technology...it is a spiritual battle.
-Paul in Eph. 6 tells us what we are "against, against, against, against"
-How does God want us to respond to what we are against? He wants us to "stand, stand, stand, stand" (Eph. 6: 11, 13, 14)
-Then we need to "pray, pray, pray, pray" (Eph. 6: 18-20)
-When should we pray..."all occasions" (6:18) with "all kinds" of prayers (18) and Always keep on praying for "all" the saints.
-Must be important words if Paul keeps repeating himself!
-Listen and stop jabbering
-We need to arm each other...we need to intentionally pray for each other...for boldness, for victory, for how we see ourselves

After Jay spoke, Redford and Josiah came up. They are both leading ministries in South Bend. Red works with college students and Josiah has a vision for impacting our community by buying homes and placing people IN the community to make a difference...

-It's as simple as 4 words: "Love God-Love People"
-Bring life and hope into someones life
-God gives answers to things that seem hopeless
-Working with people across denominational lines is needed
-Leave a legacy with you life
-We are the BODY of CHRIST!
-Send me, I'll go
-Go to the people...don't pull the people out
-"local church is the hope of the world"

After getting all stirred up by these guys, I got to go hang out in that hot tub...NICE!

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