Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handling Defeat

I HATE to lose...hate it...I know you can learn from it. I know that sometimes the greatest victories come after a defeat, but I still don't like it. Last night my soccer team got beat...7-4...yes I said soccer and not baseball!! They jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first 5 minutes, then we battled back to 2-2...then 3-3...then 4-4...then they exploded for 3 more goals in 5 minutes time! Need to bounce back fast because we have a game tonight!

So, the question I have whether it is in sports or in another area of my life, is why did we lose? Was it a lack of effort? Was it a need for more training? Was it a bad strategy (ok...was it bad coaching)? Was it that the other team was just that much better than us? Well, I'll tell you this...we didn't lose because of a lack of effort. These boys left everything on the field...they played their GUTS out...we lost due to a lack of training...3 of my 4 defenders have never played the positions they are in before this season, so they are learning...growing...AND I bet they listen to their coach a little closer after that loss!! Now they probably believe me when I say "the tough games are coming..." Hey...I'm just glad it wasn't a conference game!!

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