Friday, September 12, 2008

One of those days, baby!

OK, so today was all planned out...1. get the van & trailer from the Schmidt's house 2. Buy the food for our Breakfast Blitz in the a.m. (we are serving breakfast at peewee football) 3. drop off the food at home 4. Go to the office and finish stuff for Sunday 5. Pick up the kids from school and hang with them ALL NIGHT (Gave my soccer team a break today, so I could hang with my family!)

Here is how today is going!

1. Went to pick up the van only to find that the back tire is still low on air
2. Went to Discount Tire and got the tire fixed
3. Went to get the food for the Blitz
4. Went to pick up the trailer from the Schmidt's house (didn't get it the first time because of the flat tire remember!?)
5. Went home to drop off the food
6. When I released the trailer I didn't take off the chains, so the trailer went off the block
7. Got the trailer back on the block (I'd like to say that I just picked it up...not quite strong enough!)
8. While raising the trailer the handle broke, so I couldn't raise it up any more (Still don't have the fixed...come on Mike and Mark!!!!)
9. Saw that I had yet another missed call...The Xerox guy was waiting for me at the office to fix our copier!!!! (HE WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL FIRST, not show up and then call!!)
10. Drove (at safe speeds of course!) to the office...
11. Met the Xerox Man...GREAT GUY...2 grandkids...I digress...
12. Work on the Sunday stuff
13. Copier just got fixed (1:25 p.m.), so I can run the bulletins!
Time Out....(I have to go press print on the bulletins!

So, now what?!?!?! I still have a broken trailer that I need by 6:30 a.m. Still need several things for the Blitz...AND still plan to spend the whole evening hanging with my family...Looking forward to the rest of the story!!!!

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