Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...(on Monday Morning)

What a day yesterday was...our service was OUTSTANDING...Jerimae, Kyle and Jamie led us in praising God...WHAT PASSION! Great worship! Jim's message on when will we come out of the shadows was hard hitting...passionate...RIGHT ON...too many times we sit back and don't talk with people about Jesus...don't try to build those bridges. Great message...many people came up to the front and wrote down names of people they will invite to church this week. Jim's most earth shaking quote... "We use prayer as an excuse for inactivity." WHOA! We tell people that we will pray for them, but do we ever DO anything to help them. Do we stand up and share Jesus with them or just pray that someone else does? Convicting!

I've been finishing our rabbit hutch...I DO NOT LIKE WORKING WITH CHICKEN WIRE!!!! I'll confess that I hope there weren't too many people around me watching my frustration level! Had to apologize to my kids...wife and God for my reactions yesterday! Grrrrrrr...

Good small group last night...our assignment over the next few weeks is to find where we see God others...through others...and then have MANY stories to tell next week! Looking forward to those stories!

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