Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...(on Monday Morning)

Took a refresher Sunday yesterday...Grace gives us 1 Sunday a quarter to get go visit other churches for a Sunday, grab ideas, just soak in the atmosphere. Last year I didn't use any of these Sundays, so I figured it was about time!

So the family and I headed to our Goshen Campus...they opened "the Link" a new video venue in their campus. They now have 2 auditoriums in 1 location. Oh, I just LOVE the atmosphere...the lighting...the the feel of the place. Pastor Jeremy (yeah we now have Jeremiah, Jerimae and Jeremy as the worship pastors at Grace!) just did a fantastic job. What heart and passion...Kidcity is just sooooooo cool. Love the new area for the elementary aged kids. I even had to ask for help to know how to get out of that area!! It was great. It was fun to see people that I haven't seen in a long time. Love what our Goshen Campus is doing!

Sunday afternoon we had a staff lake party. A family from our Goshen Campus opened up their lake house, provided lunch and "water beatings!" If you remember back to a previous post, you'll know that I have a fear of water...I have never been tubing...never been water skiing...never been off a diving board...never been on a jet sky. Well, I took care of a couple of those fears yesterday...I found myself at one point about 8-10 feet up in the air FLYING off a tubing and diving into the water. WHAT A BLAST!!!! There was a day I would have wimped out and used some lame excuses as to why I wouldn't do it...BUT facing fear is great! So, I have to say that the sore muscles just feel great this morning! Seeing my kids on the boat cheering me on...PRICELESS! Then, getting to watch Chloe and Jaden going on the water on a tube...COOL! Then I went out on a jet sky too...YES! YES! YES!

Jaden was so worn out that he feel asleep on the way home and slept until school this morning...

FACE YOUR'll be glad that you did!

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